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Olivia Keppie

Diamond Boutique Shop

Owner, Manufacturing Jeweller, Gemologist, Certified Valuer, Diamond Grader

With today's trends of mass produced jewellery from large chain stores, traditional jewellers are becoming harder to find. I am committed to bringing back quality handmade jewellery and the superior personal service that has been missing. I am fortunate to have created many exquisite pieces in my almost two decades as a jeweller. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the joy which I bring to people through my work.

- Olivia Keppie

Olivia is a qualified Manufacturing Jeweller with over 20 years of experience. In addition to this she is also a Gemmologist (Bachelor in Gemmological Studies - 2011), Certified Valuer (2012) and a Diamond Grader (2012).

Amelia Keppie

Diamond Boutique Shop

Manufacturing Jeweller

I am devoted to pushing the boundaries of creativity to achieve truly magnificent and unique results for our clients. Quality jewellery will last a lifetime and I am passionate about crafting truly precious and exceptional pieces for each and every client. I draw inspiration from my avid interest in nature, art and music to allow me to create my own pieces of art. One of the greatest feelings is the ability to evoke emotion through art. As a jeweller I get to experience this every day.

My work as a jeweller allows me to uniquely touch the lives of others by helping them realise their dreams and provide jewellery that is uniquely theirs, which will be admired and adored for generations.

- Amelia Keppie

Amelia is a highly skilled, award winning jeweller with over 12 years experience. Amelia's industry recognition includes an Innovative Design award.